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February 8, 2007
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Dungeon Cleaner by nJoo Dungeon Cleaner by nJoo
Here's an entry I did for Conceptart's Creature of the Week activity - the topic is Dungeon Cleaner

Ya might need to read the background story to understand it hehee~

Background story

Long ago, fierce and brave dragon hunters and adventurers explored into the depth of dungeons, seeking for treasures and slaying anything in its path. Even the strongest of monsters were eventually slain.. Demons and Dragons... The most famous of all dragons were of course the fire dragon, not many lived to tell the tale. Even less knew how the dragon created flame, it was not just magical, it was not from their stomach, fire dragons has a special heat gland at their throat which allows them to melt down and digest anything that is consumed.

As monsters faces the risk of extinction, the fought for survival naturally strengthened. With food being scarce, creature such as this one found its new home. Attaching and slowly merging itself to the slain young fire dragon's head, it uses it's acidic tentacles to sweep and gather anything consumable, transforming the heat glands into its digestive system, it is capable of digesting almost anything.. The creature itelf is not aggressive, for its sole purpose is to survive, most of the time it hides in the shadows, coming out only when it knows everything is safe. Because of its manipulative body of the dragon's head, no creatures dare wander near its path. No one has seen this creature, but mysteries spread of why dungeons are kept so clean, not many signs of the remains of the hundreds and thousands of slain monsters and adventurers. As the mystery spreads, people then joked about it and the name "Dungeon Cleaner" was created of this legendary creature that kept the dungeon clean...

Although....after digesting a meal, it does release acidic gas into the air...but then again, it's only a Dungeon Cleaner, not an air purifier...
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I know what this thing's cleaned, my stomach. *throws up* Awesome work though, looks badass! I also like the idea of it, I'm kinda glad it's a shy monster since most people would take the opportunity to make monsters like this aggressive and bloodthirsty.
I love how it's like one of those old pool cleaner devices that you have running on the bottom of the pool when it's not being used.
hahahahh love the idea explains the loot ya Always get hahaha
Yazon Jan 22, 2013  Professional Writer
This is a perfect DD material.
We have dungeons, swords and tentacles. What else do you need?
Is it weird if I kinda wanna hug it? <:3c
TeaDubs Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I like it :O
tobi1480 Nov 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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