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wow your art is amazing! plz do more tutorials they are so easy to understand! OvO
great tuts, (tutorials), not many done in painter in deviant art
Hey nJoo! Really stunning gallery... i'm trying to improve my coloring/painting style and this sure helped a lot. One question tho, i'm sure i'm not the only one with troubles at this stage:

You don't cover the lines completely as i can see, right? Or do you paint over and draw new, softer lines over the color? The paint-over-lines stage is the one where i usually get stuck.. I'd really appreciate it if you could give me one or two tips! (:
nJoo Jan 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
basically it's not really purposely painting OVER the lines, but you make a layer above the line and clean up any part that needs cleaning up, such as even pencil smudge, or some places that doesn't need lines, or place where the lines are just too thick,etc. It all depends what type of look you're trying to achieve,some ppl like to keep more lines intact, but if you're going for the painted look, then usually u get rid of the obvious lines, but it's the artist's choice and style of what lines to keep and get rid of
I see, thanks a lot! =D
taratey Sep 7, 2008
thx for all these tutorials sir. they are really helpful
Aticismo Jul 25, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
a stupid question friend:
since beams to maintain your line without covering it when you color?
where I live, schools of art of this style do not exist and the style that I do that he is similar but with other techniques.
but the basic thing on the digital art enough is not even known. your but even basic tutorials, serian of a tremendous aid for the novices like us
Loxius Jul 11, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Do you use only Photoshop?
Have you ever used open canvas?
Sorry to bother you and Sorry for my crappy english :/
lovd these tutorials ...helpd my colurin a lott!!..thnkzz a lott..reely mean it.. :worship:
zorrolol Apr 23, 2008
nice work!, i love this style
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